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Best Hamburgers In Melbourne

“,”nextArrow”:”“,”rtl”:false}’ dir=”ltr”> We currently have 3 new limited-edition items on offer! We would love to know what you think of them. For those that haven’t heard about them yet, we have the N.Y.C Duke, DC Roadster and the Firebird! When you pop in, be sure to take a picture of your experience, we would love […]

SmashStacks & Schnitzers

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We have 5 new crazy menu items added to our Smashstak & Schnitzers section of our menu! If you’re ready to be blown away, get stuck into our Black Waffle & Southern Fried Chicken, Mac ‘N Schnitzer, Chilli Mac ‘N Schnitzer, Schnitzer and the Chilli Cheese Schnitzer. After all, we’re not normal!

$12 lunch special – Classic Cheese & Fries or 8 Wings & Fries

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You can’t go wrong with our $12 lunch special! We have our Classic Cheese & Fries on offer, or our 8 Wings & Fries. There really is no excuse not to pop in and take advantage of this lunch special with your friends and family. Be sure to check out our socials for all the […]