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RocoMamas® — one of the world’s fastest-growing burger brands — has selected Melbourne for its first flagship Australian restaurant which  opened its doors to the public on Saturday, June 16th 2018 at Chapel St, Windsor.

What makes the RocoMamas® brand unique is how they prepare their burgers. Patties are rolled up into a ball and pushed flat onto the grill to maximise the flavours and seal in the juices. You haven’t had a real burger until you’ve tried a “smashed burger” — trust us!.

A little bit EDGY Rock N' Roll Fun & Playful Authentic Vibrant Timeless

When you first walk though our Chapel St burgers store, you’ll automatically notice the ‘Rock N’ Roll’ vibe that’s true to our brands positioning of being alternative, edgy and a little bit “Not Normal”. Designed by BlackMilk Architects (Ripponlea Food & Wine, Ms Collins and Sash Japanese), RocoMamas® Chapel St has a funky décor throughout with an open-style kitchen where customers can sit back and soak up the laid-back vibes and see (and smell) their meals being prepared right infront of them.
RocoMamas menu goes far beyond our artisanal-style “Smashed Burgers”. We also serve up some seriously messy ribs (pork, beef and lamb), as well as MOFO Chicken Wingswith an array of side dishes to choose from. We also prepare and hand make our secret sauces fresh every day at the store. Customers can also choose to ‘build’ their own burgers by ticking items from our burgers menu, and you can even give your new burger a name. At RocoMamas, it’s all about customisation.

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